Disadvantages of wireless IP security cameras

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Wireless network backbone is wired, and to access this wireless network you need the access point, thus;  these access points are connected to the wired backbone.  Therefore; the only wireless accesses is the access layer, with some exceptions for some mesh networks which allow a wireless access control to each other but they are not that common. As well as wireless IP cameras have lot of advantages, they have disadvantages too. So let us have a quick view on them.

1- One of the most important drawbacks of wireless IP digital security camera is, that IP security cameras signals can be picked up by digital video recorders, so it reduces the security of the images. Additionally, because the signals transmit wirelessly, they can be easily jammed. When signals are jammed, wireless IP security camera cannot register the right signals and does not transmit the proper signals to the monitors.

2- Another con of using wireless IP digital security cameras is that each wireless security cameras’ function that uses a slice of RF spectrum- Radio Frequency ranged 30 kHz to 300 GHz- and has a portion in the total spectrum dedicates  its own operation. In other words, the number of wireless IP security cameras that are involved in one area is limited by the total available spectrum provided for delivery system for these cameras. For example, if we have a wireless network with spectrum of 8 MHz for the wireless cameras to transmit their signals for monitoring stations and if each one of these cameras requires 1 MHz dedicated portion of the total spectrum, the installation of 10 wireless IP security cameras will not be of any worth. Instead, it will affect other wireless IP security cameras badly where it take from their signals which already has its specified dedicated portion of the total spectrum, interfere with it and jammed it.

3- In addition to the non-existence of the wires, the existence of the IP in the wireless security cameras allow the line to be taken off, either deliberately or accidentally, can be easily happened because of the interference or because of hackers or intruders, who will see the signals that transmit from the wireless security camera. This wireless communication problem is a big concern for the security staff and security applications.

4- Wireless IP security camera batteries are not appropriate for the long- lifespan usage due to 2 reasons; the first one is because the wireless IP camera is powered by a battery and to transmit these signals impel more than the usual amount of power that a wired security camera can use to transmit its signals, that is, this kind of transmitting the signals in the wireless IP security cameras damages the battery and reduces its lifespan. The second reason is because the only wire can be found in a wireless security camera is for the battery, wireless IP security cameras are more likely to be easily stolen, if they are not placed quietly well. This can be considered as one of the wireless IP security camera’s characteristics, but we are merely concerned about the disadvantages of the wireless IP security cameras.

5- Regarding to the quality of images, wireless IP security camera produces bad quality of images, which occurs because of signal interference and lack of light, besides, the wireless IP camera incapability to start a good record in outdoor application.

In general, wireless IP cameras may not be the solution for every usage and every situation. Before you buy any digital security cameras’ products you must be aware to its advantages and disadvantages, determine your needs and then you can pick up the proper choice.

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Disadvantages of wireless IP security cameras

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This article was published on 2010/12/15